Reawakening collagen and firming the contours

Product Function:

·1MHz true RF, awakens collagen and reduces fine lines ·Positive ion export, pore dirt, deep and transparent cleaning ·Negative ions are introduced into nutrient small molecules for more complete absorption ·EMS lift unique EMS frequency conversion technology, with various wa- veform outputs to tighten the skin and shape a small V-shaped face ·Red light rejuvenation repair barrier, skin is delicate, white and tender

Product Features:

·1MHz radio frequency assisted collagen regeneration, reducing fine lines ·6-minute intelligent timing each time

  • Product Details
  • Parameter
    • Rated frequency:25Hz

      Rated voltage:3.7V

      Rated power:3.7W

      Power supply mode:Dual charging/power supply

      Charging time:3h

      core technology:Temperature control; LED; Microcurrent